Crispy Beer Battered Fish (2023)

For the lightest, crispiest fried fish, you can’t beat Beer Battered Fish. The yeast and carbonation in beer makes the fish batter delicate and puffy, like at good fish ‘n chip shops. Meanwhile the shock of ice-cold batter hitting hot oil makes it super-crispy – and what’s more, it stays crispy for ages.

Don’t believe me? Just LISTEN to the crunch in the recipe video! Serve with French fries for the ultimate fish ‘n chips experience at home.

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Crispy Beer Battered Fish

When it comes to fish, a fry batter made with beer yields the best result for a light, puffy, ultra crispy coating that stays crispy well beyond the time it takes to serve and eat it.

It’s the fish batter used by all the best fish ‘n chips shops. Here’s what makes beer batter so good:

  • Yeast and carbonation in beer acts like yeast in bread, making the batter go puffy as it cooks so it’s thin and light rather than thick and greasy. It’s like Japan’s famous tempura;

  • Ice cold beer is used to make the batter cold. The shock of cold batter hitting the hot oil makes it go super-crispy. This concept is fairly common knowledge these days in the culinary world, a technique deployed in all my batter-coated fried foods such as everybody’s favourite Honey Chicken; and

  • Rice flour for a stay-crispy batter. Just using normal flour doesn’t cut it – it goes soggy within minutes. We need to use a combination of rice and normal flour. This is a proven technique deployed in many Asian fried recipes, such as Honey Chicken and .

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This battered fish has a light crisp coating that stays crispy for over 15 minutes!

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What goes in Beer Batter

All you need for beer batter is cold beer, flour, rice flour, baking powder and salt. For a non alcoholic version, just substitute beer with soda water.

Beer Batter Dry Ingredients

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Rice flour – Key for a fish batter that doesn’t go soggy before it hits the table! If you use only wheat flour, it will only stay crispy for a few minutes. Why not use all rice flour? Because rice flour doesn’t go golden when cooked. Nobody wants a pale, white beer battered fish! So we use a combination of wheat flour (which goes golden) and rice flour.

Flour – Just plain/all purpose wheat flour which, as noted above, is what makes the fish go a beautiful golden colour as well as helping the batter rise and puff when combined with the baking powder (which doesn’t happen with rice flour); and

Baking powder – To make the batter puffy. The yeast and carbonation in beer alone isn’t sufficient to achieve that airy-textured batter shell you get at the best fish ‘n chip shops.

Best beer for Beer Batter

You can use any beer other than dark, heavily flavoured beer like stouts or porters as they will discolour and flavour the batter excessively.

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Pale ale and lagers are most commonly used, but I’ve used all sorts in my time and they’ve all worked out fine. You can only barely taste it – the beer is mostly to make the batter crispy and puffy, not for flavour. Also, the alcohol cooks out in the hot oil.

Whatever you use, it needs to be ice cold – cool for 2+ hours in the fridge. It’s key for a crispy batter!

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Best fish for frying

You can use virtually any white fish fillet such as: snapper, barramundi, cod, flathead, tilapia, hake, haddock, whiting and ling.

My favourite is flathead – but it’s pricey! See list below for what fish shops use in different countries.

I recommend avoiding:

  • Fish that dry out easily when cooked – Like swordfish, tuna, bonito, kingfish, marlin. They work fine, but they will be too dry inside. These fish are (mostly) better in raw/rare form such as Ceviche, Poke Bowls, Tartare or carefully grilled;

  • Delicate and thin-filleted fish – Like flounder or sole. Again, it will work fine and actually, it is delicious but the texture of the flesh may be a bit too delicate for frying (ie you bite into it and the flesh kind of “crumbles”). Also these fish tend to be very thin fillets;

  • Oily fish – Like salmon, trout, mackerels, mullet and sardines. You do see these fish in fried form, but it’s not so common with a batter. It’s just a bit too rich.

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What fish and chip shops use

Choice of fish varies between countries and regions, depending on what’s available. Most common:

  • Australia – Basa, hoki, flake (gummy shark!) and hake are seen at everyday suburban fish ‘n chip shops because they are economical options with good flavour and flesh characteristics. Better places will also offer more expensive options such as snapper, barramundi, cod, whiting and flathead (my favourite!);

  • US – Cod, halibut,tilapia, haddock. In the Southeast, catfish is used frequently; and

  • UK – [updated thanks to reader feedback!] Cod and haddock are firm favourites, but other varieties offered include hake, pollock, whiting and plaice.

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How to make beer battered fish

Oil heating aside, beer battered fish takes 5 minutes to prepare, and each batch takes 3 minutes to fry. Terrifically fast!

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  1. Dry & cut fish – Dry fillets well, especially if using thawed frozen fish because it will leech water while defrosting. This is key to crispy fish, so don’t shortcut this!

    (Video) Crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips - Food Wishes

    Cut into desired size. I like “fish cocktail” size – 7 x 3cm / 3 x 1 1/4″ batons – because it’s easier to handle for frying plus has a larger surface area to volume ratio = more crunch! Whole or larger fillets work just fine as well, ie. traditional fish ‘n chip shop format.

    If your fish is very thick (3cm / 1.25″+), slice horizontally to make thinner pieces, otherwise the fish may not cook through by the time the batter is golden and crispy. Also, there will be too much fish and not enough crispy batter!

    Just remember the batter puffs up when cooking to double the thickness it was wet so don’t make giant fish pieces! 😂

  2. Start heating oil – Heat oil to 190°C/375°F. Hot oil is key to ensure the fish doesn’t end up soggy and greasy. Use a large, heavy-based pot for safety purposes, for even heating of oil and better heat retention. You can of course use an electric fryer if you have one!

  3. Rice flour coating – Dust fish with rice flour, shaking off excess. This is an additional crispiness insurance policy, which will soak up any residual moisture on the flesh of the fish. I use rice flour because it cooks up more crisp than flour.

  4. Make batter just before frying so it’s as cold and fizzy as possible. If it’s a hot day, take extra precautions such as chilling the bowl and dry ingredients until required.

    The other reason batter should be made fresh is the batter will noticeably thicken as gluten begins to forms if left to sit too long.

    At this stage the fish can sit there while the oil comes to temperature.

    Note: Recipe makes more batter than you will need. But it’s hard to dredge properly if you don’t have enough. It can cause a dragging action that wipes off too much batter. However, recipe will coat up to around 1kg/2lb of fish.

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5. Minimum of whisking – Only whisk for 5 seconds, just to incorporate the beer into the dry ingredients – some lumps are fine, even desirable. Over-whisking activates gluten and will compromise crispiness.

Batter viscosity is also important. If the wet batter is too thick (in consistency) your cooked batter will be thick (in depth) around the fish and tends to soak up too much oil. Too watery on the other hand and it won’t coat the fish properly, and will go soggy quickly. Aim for a batter that runs but fully coats the back of a spoon – see video.

6. Dredge fish – Hold fillet by one end and dip in batter, letting the excess drip off for a second or two. The batter should fully cover the fish but not be a thick coat as mentioned – this batter puffs up a LOT!

TIP: Keep batter chilled. If you’re a capable cook and it’s mild weather, the batter can stay out while you cook the fish (3 – 4 batches). If you’re new to frying or it’s a stinking hot summer day, pop the batter back in the fridge while frying.

7. Fry 3 minutes – Gently lower fillet into the hot oil, dropping it in away from you, not towards you, so any splash doesn’t come towards your hand. I use my hands because I have more control, but you can use tongs for safety if you prefer.

Cook for 3 minutes until deep golden. There’s no need to turn, though you can push down and submerge each piece under the oil briefly once the batter has set. Fillets often refuse to roll anyway as they become buoyant on one side only!;

8. Drain well on paper towels or a mesh rack, and repeat with remaining fish.

How longer the fish stays crispy for – It will stay crispy for 15 to 20 minutes, even after it goes cold. But obviously, best served hot!

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Handy large-batch cooking tip

Using a 1-minute, higher temperature, Asian double-fry method used in things like Honey Chicken and , you can make big batches of beer battered fish and serve it all up piping hot! Here’s how:

  1. First fry: Only cook the fish for 2½ minutes until it is golden and crispy, but not deep golden like pictured. Leave to drain, continue with remaining fish;

  2. Second fry:This is to reheat, as well as make it deep golden and stay-crispy. Increase oil temperature to 200°C/390°F. Add fish and fry for 1 minute until deep golden. For Fry #2, you can crowd the oil more (ie. if you cooked fish in 4 batches, you can do this in 2 batches). Drain and repeat with remaining fish. Voila! All fish are piping hot!

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Sauces for fried fish

Many options – and don’t let anyone tell you what is right or wrong!

  • Lemon wedges – A squeeze of lemon is always welcome and many people are happy with just this;

  • Tartare sauce – I like to make mine extra lemony when using it for fried foods;

  • Any seafood dipping sauce – Find all my favourites here;

  • Aioli (garlicky mayonnaise);

  • Yogurt mixed with lemon – For a lighter option, though somewhat ironic when making fried fish!

    (Video) Beer Battered Fish - the lightest, crispiest fish batter ever!

  • Ketchup or Aussie tomato sauce;

  • Malt vinegar and a sprinkle of salt – The British way!

Though frankly, if you’ve got really good fish and you season every layer lightly, then you’ll munch it plain and won’t even think about a dipping sauce!

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Homemade French fries on the side

For the ultimate fish and chips experience at home, crispy homemade French fries are a must! Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside – and they STAY crispy even long after they’ve gone cold thanks to a game-changing new method. It’s rare to find fries this good even at up-market bistros.

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Worth deep frying

If, like me, you don’t fry much – oil wastage, clean up and all that jazz – and are on the fence about whether it’s worth making homemade fried fish, remember this: crispy battered fried fish is one of those things that you simply cannot buy in frozen convenience packets.

And it’s one of those things you cannot convert into an oven version – or an airfyer!.

So, is it worth making? YES, a thousand times over!!– Nagi x

Watch how to make it


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Crispy Beer Battered Fish

Author: Nagi

Prep: 10 mins

Cook: 12 mins



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Servings4 people

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(Video) Beer Batter Fish and Chips (Classic British) - Gordon Ramsay

Recipe video above. This makes a light, crispy fish batter like you've never had before! Stays crispy for a good 15 – 20 min, though my fish disappears long before that.

The yeast and carbonation in beer makes the batter puffy just like you get at good fish 'n chip shops. Meanwhile the rice flour + shock of ice cold batter hitting the hot oil makes it super crispy. Normal wheat flour doesn't cut it – the batter goes soggy within minutes!

You can't taste the beer at all, and the alcohol gets cooked out. Serve with ultra crispy French fries for the ultimate homemade Fish & Chips experience.



  • 700g/ 1.4lb white fish fillets , like flathead, snapper, whiting, cod, tilapia, flathead (skinless, boneless, Note 1)


  • ¼ cup rice flour (Note 2)

Crispy Fish Batter:

  • ¾ cup plain/all purpose flour
  • ¼ cup rice flour (makes it super crispy, Note 2)
  • tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 cup very cold beer , anything other than dark beers like stout, porter etc (Note 3)


  • 4 – 5 cups peanut oil (or vegetable, canola or cottonseed oil)


  • Tartare Sauce
  • Lemon Wedges
  • Homemade Crispy French fries
  • Baked Potato Wedges


  • Dry & cut fish: Pat fish dry using paper towels or a tea towel. Cut into 7 x 3cm / 3 x 1¼" batons, or larger fillets if you prefer. If you have very thick fillets, cut in half horizontally (Note 1)

  • Dusting bowl: Place ¼ cup rice flour in a shallow bowl.

  • Heat oil: Heat 6cm / 2" – 3" oil in a large heavy based pot over medium high heat to 190°C/375°F.

  • Salt & dust: While oil is heating, sprinkle 3 or 4 pieces of fish with a pinch of salt, then coat in rice flour and shake off excess. You can leave them like this for up to 10 minutes.

  • Cold batter: Just before cooking, whisk together the flour, rice flour, baking powder and salt. Add very cold beer into the batter and whisk just until incorporated evenly into the flour. Do not over-mix, do not worry about flour lumps (Note 4). It should be a fairly thin batter but fully coat the back of a spoon. If too thick, add beer 1 tsp at a time.

  • Dredge fish: Dunk a piece of fish in the batter, the let the excess drip off very briefly.

  • Fry 3 minutes: Carefully lower into oil, dropping it in away from you, one piece at a time. Don't crowd the pot; fry in batches. Fry for 3 minutes, flipping after about 2 minutes, until deep golden.

  • Drain: Drain on paper towels. Repeat with remaining fish. Serve hot! However it will stay crisp for 15 – 20 minutes. (Note 5 for larger batch cooking).

  • Serve withTartare Sauce, lemon wedgesand a leafy green salad on the side dressed with aclassic vinaigrette. Serve with Crispy French Fries or oven baked wedges!

Recipe Notes:

Note: Light crispy batter requires a cold batter, so if it’s hot where you are, keep it in the fridge between batches.

(Video) Crispy Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Recipe makes more batter than you need – you can cook up to ~1kg/1.2lb of fish. It’s hard to dredge fish properly with any less.

1. Fish for frying – You can use virtually any white fish fillet such as: hoki, whiting, snapper, barramundi, cod, flathead (my favourite!), tilapia, hake, haddock and ling.

Fish to avoid: Meaty fish prone to drying out (like swordfish, tuna), delicate or thin fish (like flounder or sole). I personally wouldn’t use oily fish like salmon, but it works just fine.

Cutting: Recipe works for fish cocktail size pieces (ie. pick-up-and-dunk size), batons or whole fillet sizes. Remember that the batter puffs up considerably when fried.

If your fish is very thick (3cm / 1.25″+), cut in half horizontally to make thinner pieces, otherwise the fish may not cook through by the time the batter is golden and crispy. Also the ratio of fish to batter will be too high.

2. Rice flour – Essential ingredient for a really good crispy batter, and to keep it crispy for a reasonable time (15 minutes+). If you only use normal wheat flour, it will go soggy within minutes.

Find it in the baking aisle at the supermarket. Substitute with cornflour/cornstarch or potato starch (not quite as crispy, but still crispier than using only plain flour).

3. Beer: Must be ice cold, in fridge 2 hours+. Key for crispy batter!

Best types: Pale ale and lagers are most commonly used, but I’ve used all sorts in my time and they’ve all worked out fine. Doesn’t really matter because you can’t taste it, but avoid dark, heavily flavoured beer like stout or porter (will discolour and flavour batter).

Non alcoholic sub: Ice cold soda water + ¼ tsp extra baking powder. It’s basically the same as the batter used for Honey Chicken, slightly adapted to be suitable for fish.

4. Batter thickness: Thinner batter = crispy, delicate crust like you get at good fish and chip shops. 70% fish, 15% crispy batter, 15% empty cavern between fish and batter (the “puff”!).

Thicker batter = thicker crust, which some people like, but I am disappointed if I bite in only to find it’s 50% batter, 20% fish, and 30% empty cavern!

Do minimal whisking of batter, don’t worry about lumps, just make the beer mix through the flour evenly. If you over-mix, it will activate the gluten and the batter won’t be as light and delicate, it will be thicker, greasier and chewier.

5. Large Batch cooking: The nice thing here is that the fish cooks in 3 minutes so you can just keep them coming out. But if you want to do one large batch, you can do a double fry to reheat & it actually makes the batter less greasy because we use a higher heat (read up on this in my Stay-Crispy Honey Chicken):

– First fry: Fry fish in batches for 2½ minutes until crispy and golden, but not a deep golden. Drain on paper towels, continue with remaining fish.
– Second fry: This is to reheat and make it deep golden and crispy. Increase oil temperature to 200°C/390°F. Add fish and fry for 1 minute until deep golden. For Fry #2, you can crowd the oil more (ie. if you cooked fish in 4 batches, you can do this in 2 batches). Drain and repeat with remaining fish. Voila! All fish, piping hot!

6. Reuse oil – Can be used twice more because flavour of batter is neutral, and doesn’t infuse oil with flavour. Cool oil in pot, line mesh colander with paper towel, strain oil. Store until required. I personally would stick to savoury uses rather than sweet. More fry-worth foods here.

7. Source – Partially adapted from this recipe by Chef John of Food Wishes. He knows his stuff, I trust him – and he’s pretty funny too!

8. Make ahead – Can’t be done I’m afraid! Fried fish will be soggy if reheated, and the batter needs to be made fresh. Sorry folks!

9. Nutrition per serving, assuming 4 servings. It’s nowhere near as bad as you think, and I have allowed for a very generous 1/3 cup of oil consumption (across whole recipe). There is no way the batter for 700g/1.4lb of fish will hold that much oil, but I’ve included it to be conservative, so actual calories will be far lower. Very little batter actually ends up on the fish, you will discard about half. It’s hard to make less and dredge properly.

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 322cal (16%)Carbohydrates: 11g (4%)Protein: 28g (56%)Fat: 17g (26%)Saturated Fat: 3g (19%)Cholesterol: 65mg (22%)Sodium: 112mg (5%)Potassium: 788mg (23%)Fiber: 1g (4%)Sugar: 1g (1%)Vitamin A: 60IU (1%)Vitamin C: 2mg (2%)Calcium: 92mg (9%)Iron: 1mg (6%)

Keywords: beer battered fish, crispy fish batter, fry batter for fish

Life of Dozer

Waiting to be asked to check if it’s crispy enough. See recipe video above for his assessment…….

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What makes batter more crispy? ›

Use Cornstarch or Rice Flour

Michael says that cornstarch or rice flour in combo with flour will give you the crunchiest batter. Even cake four will cook up crunchier than all-purpose flour because it doesn't have a high gluten level.

Why is my battered fish not crispy? ›

If your fish batter is not crispy enough when cooked try thinning the batter with a little more liquid. Pre-heating the oil to the proper temperature is also very important or the fish will absorb too much of the oil while cooking.

Does beer make batter crispy? ›

Put beer into a batter mix, and when the batter hits the hot oil, the solubility of the CO2 plummets, and bubbles froth up, expanding the batter mix and lending it a lacy, crisp texture.

What is the best beer to use for beer battered fish? ›

You can use any beer other than dark, heavily flavoured beer like stouts or porters as they will discolour and flavour the batter excessively. Any pale-coloured beer works fine for Beer Battered Fish. Just avoid dark, strong flavoured beer like stout and porters.

How do you make Battered fish Crisp? ›

Here's how:
  1. Load the fish into the basket, allowing for space in between. Spritz a bit of extra light olive oil over the fish.
  2. Air fry the fish at 320 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 minutes. Flip them over with a pair of tongs. ...
  3. Increase the heat to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and reheat for 2 minutes more.
3 Jun 2022

Does cold water make batter crispy? ›

Using ice-cold water definitely makes the batter crispy and light (most importantly, stays crispy too!!) If you use all-purpose flour, it has gluten in it and if you over stir the batter, gluten will develop and makes the batter gummy and absorbs a lot of oil when you fry it and you know what's next! SOGGY!

Does baking powder make batter crispy? ›

This could be egg, buttermilk, or water, depending on the recipe. The moisture helps create a craggy coating that, when fried, yields lots of crunchy morsels to bite into. But the baking powder is key, because it acts like a salt. It helps draw moisture to the surface, where it can evaporate.

What flour is best for crispy frying? ›

Rice flour and cornstarch work particularly well because they fry up crispier than wheat flour. They also absorb less moisture and fat during the frying process, making the products less greasy. This is why rice flour is often used when making tempura because it produces a very thin and crispy, dry crust.

Does baking soda make batter crispy? ›

A pinch of baking soda can help produce crispy fried foods. It reacts with the acid in the batter to create carbon dioxide bubbles. These lead to an airy batter and a crisper, fluffier result.

Does beer need to be cold for batter? ›

Only Use a Cold Beer

Some beer batter recipes will say to add ice or place the beer batter in the fridge to 'rest' for 30 minutes. Forget it! Adding ice will water down your batter and refrigerating the beer batter just takes time. Simply start with a cold beer and you'll be one step ahead.

Do you put egg in beer batter? ›

Directions. Combine flour, egg, garlic powder, and black pepper in a medium bowl. Whisk in 1 cup of beer until smooth. Thin batter with up to 1/2 cup additional beer, if desired.

Should fish batter be thick or thin? ›

A good batter also needs to have the right consistency: too thick and floury and you'll end up with a pancakey, chewy result; too thin and it won't stick to the fish. This recipe is one of the most useful because you can use it when you're deep frying almost any fish or shellfish.

How do you keep deep fried fish crispy? ›

Right – The smart way to drain the excess oil from your fried seafood is by using a cooling rack (the same thing you use to cool off baked goods). Place the rack over a cookie sheet, allowing the oil to drip to the bottom. The fish will stay crispy and your guests will be happy.

How long do I fry fish for? ›

Coat fish in flour, then egg, and then bread crumbs. Gently set coated fish into hot oil and fry 5 minutes on each side until medium golden brown in color. When the fish is evenly golden all over, remove and drain on brown paper sacks.

What ingredient makes things crispy? ›

Cornstarch is frequently added to foods to give them an extra bit of crispiness, but for some reason it's not commonly included in roasted vegetable recipes. Once you try the cornstarch method, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Does egg make batter crispy? ›

Eggs serve as binder, meaning that they help batter stick to food and coat if for deep frying. They also serve to leaven the batter, which making it more light and crispy.

Does adding cornstarch to batter make it crispy? ›

When paired with all-purpose flour, cornstarch helps prevent gluten development, which makes the flour coating crispier, and absorb moisture (from the frying and the chicken), which also means a crispier coating. If you already have a favorite fried chicken recipe, try replacing a quarter of the flour with cornstarch.

How do you keep battered food crispy? ›

The best way to keep fried foods crispy? Just place them on a cooling rack set over a baking sheet. If you're frying multiple batches, throw the whole setup into a low oven to keep everything warm as you keep frying and adding to the rack.

What makes batter puff up? ›

In bread dough, the yeast cells mix with warm water and begin to feed on sugars, such as sucrose, fructose, glucose, or maltose, which come from the sugar and flour in the dough. As yeast cells feed on sugars, they produce carbon dioxide gas and ethyl alcohol in a chemical process known as fermentation.

What does soda water do to batter? ›

The sparkling water causes cakes to rise better and results in a fluffier texture. It's great in waffle batter, too: substitute one part of the milk with sparkling water and follow the recipe as you normally would. Try it too in your favorite crepe and pancake recipes.

What makes chicken more crispy or baking soda or baking powder? ›

It's probably an ingredient you've never thought to rub on meat, but baking soda is the key to baked chicken wings with real crunch.

Does cornstarch make food crispy? ›

Interestingly, cornstarch contains 25 to 28 percent amylose, which is higher than the amount in wheat or potato starch (which are 20 to 22 percent amylose), and this is why cornstarch works the best for making crispy coatings on fried foods.

What happens when too much baking powder is added to the batter? ›

Too much baking powder can cause the batter to be bitter tasting. It can also cause the batter to rise rapidly and then collapse. (i.e. The air bubbles in the batter grow too large and break causing the batter to fall.)

Which is more crispy flour or cornstarch? ›

Cornstarch typically makes for a crispier finish than flour. Cornstarch absorbs moisture from the food and expands, giving deep-fried foods a crispy coating. When the food is fried, the moisture cooks out of the cornstarch, leaving a crackly, puffy coating on the outside.

What oil makes things crispy? ›

Choose the Right Oil

Refined oils such as peanut, canola and safflower oil are good choices with smoke points well above even the highest temperature you'd ever use for deep-frying.

What happens if you use baking soda instead of baking powder? ›

If you swap in an equal amount of baking soda for baking powder in your baked goods, they won't have any lift to them, and your pancakes will be flatter than, well, pancakes.

What does vinegar do to batter? ›

What is the use of vinegar in baking? Vinegar is a mild acid that helps break down the starches and proteins in your bread. It changes the pH levels of the batter. Adding it to your bread dough can help with good rise, moist crumb, an airy texture, and also enhances the flavour.

Should you let batter rest in the fridge? ›

Yep, by allowing the pancake batter to chill and rest for 30-45min before you start to cook, you're guaranteed a lighter pancake. So why is this? "The 'resting' allows the gluten in the flour to relax and the starch grains to swell," says cookery expert Monaz Dumasia.

Can you leave fish in beer batter overnight? ›

The batter can be made ahead and sit in the fridge overnight, in fact, the fish turns out crispier when it's dipped in a batter that was made on the day before. Use fresh oil.

Why do you add vodka to beer batter? ›

Because vodka is more volatile than water, it evaporates more quickly, which dries out the batter faster and more violently. That creates larger bubbles and even more surface area, in turn resulting in a much crispier crust.

What temperature should you fry battered fish? ›

Heat deep fryer to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Place fish in hot oil, and fry until golden brown. Cook fish in batches to maintain oil temperature.

Why do people put raw eggs in beer? ›

Better Protein

One of the biggest reasons people mix an egg with their beer is to add more protein to their diet. It's common amongst bodybuilders or those that are trying to bulk up.

Do you put eggs in batter for fish? ›

The fluffy egg whites makes the fish batter delicate and puffy, just like at your favourite fish and chip shop. The beaten egg whites stick to the fish and give extra little crunchy bits in the batter.

How do I get batter to stick to my fish? ›

Make the Batter

Dip fish pieces into the flour, turning to coat all sides, and shake off excess flour. The flour will help the batter stick to the fish. Next, dip the fish into the batter, turning to coat all sides.

What is fish and chip shop batter made of? ›

What is fish batter made of? Traditionally, batter is made from a combination of beer, white flour, baking soda and salt to taste. So to honour the dish here is a guide to the best batter mix so you can create this mourish classic British dish at home as if you were in a chip shop.

Do you season before or after deep-frying? ›

Salt is an essential ingredient in any deep-frying recipe; however, timing is everything when it comes to seasoning. Never salt a food before deep-frying it, as the salt will draw moisture (remember water and oil don't mix) to the food's surface and cause the hot oil to splatter.

What should you not do while deep-frying? ›

Times of India has compiled the most common mistakes when it comes to deep frying that all home cooks should avoid.
  1. Frying at the wrong temperature. ...
  2. Using the wrong oil. ...
  3. Frying too much at the same time. ...
  4. Frying big pieces. ...
  5. Wrong batter. ...
  6. Using leftover oil.
7 Apr 2019

Do you season fish before deep-frying? ›

Step 2: Season the Fillets

First, it allows you to evenly season the fish. Second, the salt draws moisture out of the fillets, which will react with the flour to make a glue, which makes the breading adhere much better to the fish when it is fried.

Which beer is best for batter? ›

You can use any beer other than dark, heavily flavoured beer like stouts or porters as they will discolour and flavour the batter excessively. Any pale-coloured beer works fine for Beer Battered Fish. Just avoid dark, strong flavoured beer like stout and porters.

Which is the best flour for a batter? ›


This flour is key for baking. Raising agents are mixed with plain flour for the light, airy result we love in cakes, batters and puddings. These raising agents create air bubbles in dough and batters, perfect for fluffy muffins, classic sponge cakes, or American-style pancakes.

Why does beer make batter crispy? ›

Put beer into a batter mix, and when the batter hits the hot oil, the solubility of the CO2 plummets, and bubbles froth up, expanding the batter mix and lending it a lacy, crisp texture.

What's the best oil to fry fish in? ›

Thanks to its neutral flavor, affordable price, and high smoke point, canola oil is the most popular oil for frying fish. Peanut, cottonseed, and coconut oil are also great fish frying oils. Keep reading to discover the benefits of each oil you can use to fry fish.

What's the best oil to deep fry fish in? ›

The most suitable oil for frying fish is the oil with a high smoke point and neutral flavor so it doesn't overpower or interfere with the taste of the fish. Some of the best choices are sunflower oil, canola oil, peanut oil, and safflower oil.

Which side of fish do you fry first? ›

Put the fish in skin side first and after a minute or so turn down the heat a little so that the skin doesn't burn. Keep watching the heat and turning it up or down as needed to keep the fish sizzling gently. When the skin is crisp it will release easily from the pan, so don't try to move the fillets too soon.

Is it better to fry with flour or cornstarch? ›

Cornstarch will make your fried chicken better. A 50-50 split of all-purpose flour and cornstarch in your batter will leave you with an audibly crunchy, beautiful browned exterior. The corn adds a bit of golden color that all-purpose flour can't quite get to.

How do you keep fried fish crispy? ›

Right – The smart way to drain the excess oil from your fried seafood is by using a cooling rack (the same thing you use to cool off baked goods). Place the rack over a cookie sheet, allowing the oil to drip to the bottom. The fish will stay crispy and your guests will be happy.

What powder makes food crispy? ›

Also, baking powder aids in making a crispier product because it creates tiny air holes when placed in the hot oil allowing it to get deeper than just surface level. Adding different spices, such as chili powder is another great way to help add some extra flavor.

Why do you put soda water in batter? ›

The sparkling water causes cakes to rise better and results in a fluffier texture. It's great in waffle batter, too: substitute one part of the milk with sparkling water and follow the recipe as you normally would. Try it too in your favorite crepe and pancake recipes.

What is the best oil to use for deep-frying? ›

Vegetable oil


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