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Landscaping Company Reviews Near Me

Bainbridge Outdoor Design Building Inc


The crew did an outstanding job. They had to excavate around irrigation pipes and outdoor lighting wires. They dug about 4" deep and removed all sod and soil. They laid landscape cloth and then stones with a perimeter of stone dust. The entire area was regraded for perfect drainage. The stones and dust were tamped down to provide a secure surface. The crew cleaned up perfectly and left everything in order. They were very careful to avoid damaging any existing landscaping or hardscape surfaces

- Cathy J....

RT Turf


Landscaper said sod needed to be mowed at height no less than three inches. I gave these instructions to RT Turf. RT did first mowings really well and grass was doing fine. Last mowing they cut the grass way to short and caused bare spots and torn up areas of sod. When I questioned Rick, the owner, he took his time replying and then said and quot;oh I just forgot to tell the crew to mow at three inch height.and quot; I had to have landscaper back again and he will have to put top soil and reseed torn up areas to the tune of $150.00. RT did offer to do the reseeding but after the way he replied to his mowing mess up there is no way I will have him on my property again

- Barry S....



Bridget Rivas came in the fall to look at our property. We discussed laying sod in the front as best solution to solve the poor quality of the turf in front and sides--excessive tree roots, mud, and pervasive moss. We decided to wait to do the work until spring, so contacted her again in March and within a reasonable amount of time, Bridget responded with a written estimate for the work and fully explained the process. We were scheduled, and then they contacted us a few days later to say that they would come a day earlier to take advantage of better weather forecast. The crew arrived right on time, and worked very efficiently the first day. They tore out all the old turf, weeds, etc. They brought in many loads of quality top soil to recontour the yards, particularly building up the grade around the tree where a lot of erosion had taken place over the years. They completed this first phase of the work by 4-5 pm. The next day, they arrived a little later in the morning as they spent the morning getting freshly cut sod. They got straight to work and communicated well with me the whole time. Explained the pattern for how to lay the sod for a good appearance once it settled in. Mr. Rivas came during the course of this day and checked in with me to ensure all was to our satisfaction. They did a nice job delineating out the garden beds and making nice cuts in the sod to fit the contour. The crew left good instructions for the care of the sod and Bridget followed up with an email to detail how much to water, etc. It's been 3 weeks and the turf looks awesome. Courteous and hard working crew. Their price was on par with a quote we received from Weilers for a different property a few years ago. We felt they did a great job and would recommend them to anyone seeking landscaping work

- Jennifer S....

Edwin Lawn and Landscape


Edwin and his workers did an incredible job! They transformed our tiny, messy front yard which had a large tree recently removed into a beautiful yard. He was great with communication and did the work quickly and efficiently.

- Bailey K....

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Johnson's Landscaping Service Inc


The work was well done. Landscaping crew was punctual and polite. The yard and driveway were cleaned up perfectly when they were done.

- Julie S....

East Coast Landscaping designed a landscaping project that included dozens of plants and sod. They performed the work in just 3 days, and it was an impressive amount of work. The work crew was very professional and efficient, and the owner of the company provided us with ample advice about how to maintain the planters

- Steven W....

Meadows Farms Landscaping


Crew showed up on time and were very nice. They went right to work and did a great job. I highly recommend then for landscaping.

- Angela J....

Northern Virginia Grounds, LLC


We had all of our overgrown bushes in the front of our house pulled up and replaced. We had new sod placed in our backyard, and other improvements made. From the time I first called to get an estimate, to having the work completed took about a week. They were extremely willing to work within our budget and we still got everything we wanted. All the new plants, bushes, and trees, as well as new grass sod looks terrific. A huge improvement over what was there. Everything was done exactly when they said. Highly recommended

- Catherine I....


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- Geraldine G....

HEMAX Construction Services & Landscaping LLC


HEMAX came and made a reasonable proposal, which we signed. We failed to notice that the proposal did not include re-sodding the entire front lawn. So we called HEMAX and they had this resolved within a week. And they did excellent work. We have a small yard, yet they made us feel like an important client

- Patricia N....

Flavio Domeneck Landscaping Inc


We renovated 3 townhomes. The yards were a mess, made worse by construction work and weather. Sod had to be installed in multiple steps: 1. one back and side yard, 2. one back, side and front yard, 3. one back yard. All with short notice. Flavio and his crews were there! Short notice. On time. Excellent price for quality materials. AND .... the part that really sets this company above and beyond was their CARE about prepping the grounds first. They raked, dug, leveled. They removed broken glass and bits of concrete and rock. These people knew what they were doing and cared to do the very best job possible. Yes, we watered as instructed, but we did not lose one bit of sod largely because of Flavio's installation

- Lori J....

Ryan's Landscaping Inc


As usual, Ryan and his team did a great job. 1. They regraded my yard and installed 2 drains 2. They removed a dry rock bed, extracted all the stones, filled in the area with dirt and installed sod. 3. They planted 6 trees. 4. They ground down an underground stump and installed new sod. I have been using Ryan and his crew for a couple of years now, and I will continue do so.. I highly recommend him and his team

- Derrick H....

MA Cleaning & Landscaping Design Inc


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$1500 mistake... My yard looks worst then it did before they got there and I now have to pay another landscaping service to fix the damage that was done. When I reached out asking them for a quote to fix the damage, they quoted me THREE TIMES the price for SOD they originally quoted. Please be carefu

- Andres H....

Hometown Landscape & Lawn Service


I had previously used Hometown Landscape for a major yard clean-up, and tree removal, and found their service to be excellent. I contacted them about doing the regular maintenance of my property as well. I had received several other estimates, but the estimate from Hometown Landscape was the best. In addition, they were able to do other valuable services such as weeding, planting, and turf control. I have been completely satisfied with their work, and continue to have them service my property

- Cynthia F....

Creative Exteriors LLC


They did the initial work agreed upon. I needed my backyard done which wasn't in the original quote. They said if I did the backyard while they were already there doing the front yard it would cost less. However, it ended up costing me the same amount as the front yard and the backyard did not include sod. They just leveled the backyard, put down grass seed, and put in some shrubs. They had to come back twice to fix things they didn't do correctly. They left debris buried under dirt and we had agreed that the debris was to be cleared out. I would never recommend them and I certainly would never use them again

- Hugh B....



Blue Sky Landscaping continually exceeds my expectations and they are my go-to landscaping company whenever I need to bring in the reinforcements to help with my landscaping needs. I consider myself a weekend warrior and can handle the lawn and some light gardening on my own, but I call upon Matt, Jimmy, and their excellent crew when it comes to tree and stump removal, laying sod, regrading the lawn, aerating the lawn, etc. They always take the time to walk my property with me to review all of my landscaping options, provide ideas for how to make improvements, and are able to execute a plan based off of my timeline and budget. Blue Sky continues to impress me every time I use them as they execute on their deliverables in both time and costs, and provide quality and care in their services. I’ll continue to use them in the future and recommend their robust services

- Laszlo S....

Diversified Contractors LLC


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I bought a townhouse that was maintained on the inside but the outside was awful. It had dead sod, dead bushes and a hole the size of a bathtub in the center of the yard ,that had once been a fish pond but was then used as dog's digging haven. I knew that I wouldn't be able to enjoy using the yard no much enjoy looking at it. Thanks to Diversified Contractors, I have a beautiful oasis that I enjoy everyday . The slat patio is the envy of the neighborhood. They removed everything, old concrete, dead landscaping and sod. Installed a perfectly measured and graded oversized patio with a stacked stone wall. The crew showed up on time every day and were anxious to make sure I was pleased. I couldn't be happier

- Jeanine C....

Girasol Unique Garden & Ponds


Joao and his crew did an beautiful job transforming our back yard that had patches of sod with green plastic mesh showing through and trash from the renovation that was done before we purchased the home into a an oasis with plants, small trees, and raised beds surrounded with artistically made stone walls. He also put pavers down so we can park the car in the yard as well. Joao also helped us think about what we wanted in the yard. His work is practical as well as artistic

- Jean B....

Ryan's Landscaping Inc


Ryan's Landscaping is excellent; highly recommend. They arrived on time with a sufficient number of workers. The workers were professional and hard working. The yard was completed in a day and a half and everything was cleaned up. A neighbor who used another company to do the same work paid significantly more and it took three times as long. Ryan is excellent to work with and provides detailed summary of the work to be done prior to scheduling so that there is no confusion

- Edmund D....

Rosemont Landscaping and Lawn Care


We did an extensive landscaping renovation which involved expanding our patio, removing all our grass and installing a sprinkler system and putting down fresh sod, as well as installing some new plants and screening. The work looks beautiful and it was difficult as we have a lard yard that was really in rough sape. They were very responsive to every question and the work was completed as promised on schedule. We would definitely recommend

- Terri H....

There are more than 910,000 landscapers employed in the US - which nearby landscaper should you hire?

Questions to ask before hiring a landscaper near you:

  • Are they licensed, bonded and insured?
  • Do they have any customer referrals or reviews you can read?
  • Do they have the proper chemical licenses for spraying of weeds?
  • Do they offer guarantees to back up their work?
  • What is the time frame to finish the work?
  • Will you stay to complete the job if challenges delay completion?

What services do landscapers near me offer?

  • General Maintenance - Perhaps the most popular landscaping service, this primarily involves trimming the grass, weeding flowerbeds, adding fertilizer to the soil, pruning treesand mulching.
  • Irrigation - Landscapers can also install and manage irrigation systems to ensure that grass and other vegetation is properly watered.
  • Drainage Control - Drainage can be a big problem for outdoor spaces, especially in flood-prone areas. Landscapers address drainage issues by installing turf,adding hardscaping andmore.

New York has the highest cost for residential landscaping work in the United States.

But how much does landscaping near me cost?

Hiring a full landscaping team costsabout $2,300 per day of work. This cost takes into account the team size (typically 5 people). Costs vary significantly with the service being provided:

  • Irrigation services can cost as low as $300. Installation of a sprinkler system costs $2,500 to $3,500 for a quarteracre.
  • General maintenance costs can be charged by the hour from individual pros ($15 to $30 per hour).
  • The average cost to hire a larger landscaping company is between $40 to $80 dollars per hour.
  • The average cost for a residential landscaping job is around $140 dollars.
  • Hardscaping services such as installing a pathway or a patio can cost between $1,700 to $4,700.
  • More complex projects such as building an entire deck can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $7,500.
  • Smaller projects will obviously cost less. For example, lawn aeration costs around $100.

How can I control landscaping costs?

Landscaping costs can end up being quite high, especially if a lot of work needs to be done. For example, when installing a new landscape, consider how many days the project will take. Most landscapers charge per day, and you can save significantly by having the project take less time to complete.

Even for hardworking homeowners, keeping up with your landscaping needs can prove to be quite demanding. Landscapers help manage outdoor spaces and can increase curb appeal.

What resources can help me responsibly take care of my lawn?

Landscaping for Energy-Efficient Homes | Department of Energy | Bureau of Labor Statistics Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers Wages, What They Do & other Information | Energy Saver 101 Infographic: Landscaping | Department of Energy | Homeowners Guide to Hiring Landscaping Companies

Explore Our Solution Center for Helpful Landscaper Articles

  • Here’s How Much It Costs to Remove Shrubs and Bushes [2023 Data]

    The cost to remove shrubs and bushes is $900 on average

  • How Much Does a Backyard Putting Green Cost?

    A backyard putting green costs $4,300 for a 200-square-foot area

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  • How Much Does Mulch Delivery and Installation Cost?

    Mulch averages around $75 per cubic yard, including delivery and installation


What do most landscapers charge per hour? ›

Landscapers charge between $50 and $100 per hour for a crew of two. As the manpower required increases, so will the cost. Additional crew members will cost $25 to $50 per hour extra. Landscape designers are more advanced than typical landscapers, often charging at least $200 an hour to plan and design your yard.

What to check before hiring a landscaper? ›

Here are a few more questions you may consider asking.

How many people will be involved in this project, how many people are in your crew? How long have you been designing landscapes? How long has your company been in business? Will the plants I'd like to use thrive in my area?

Why is it so hard to get a landscaper? ›

The Cost. The biggest reason why so many homeowners hesitate to get a landscaper is because they're afraid of how much it's going to cost. The truth is that getting a regular landscaper is an expense, but it is an expense that can pay off for you in the long run. You've heard the saying “Time is money”.

What questions should you ask when hiring a landscaper? ›

What insurance and licensing do you have? Be sure the contractor has worker's compensation insurance, general liability insurance and appropriate state licensing. Ask to see proof. You want to be sure they're covered in case of any mishaps.

Can you negotiate price with landscapers? ›

Negotiating is reasonable. It's good business. And no contractor that is in business for the long haul should be offended by the questions or negotiating of a price. But you need to be careful that you don't lose a good project over a few dollars.

How much does 2 hours of yard work cost? ›

Most pros charge between $25 and $60 per hour for mowing services. Let's say you charge $50. The average lawn in the United States is somewhere around 10,000 square feet. If it takes you two hours to mow the entire lawn, you're looking at $50 x 2 = $100.

What should you not do when landscaping? ›

Designing without a palette and choosing plants and features in various colors with no cohesive plan is a big mistake. You could end up with too many colors or just too much color, which will take away from your overall design. Or you could end up with a monochromatic look with no pops of color for visual interest.

Do you tip landscapers after a job? ›

Lawn care workers and landscapers

It's impractical and unnecessary to tip the guys who mow your lawn every week, though it's nice to put a pitcher of cold water out for the workers. If the same crew arrives every Thursday, at the end of the season you can show your appreciation with $20 to $50 cash tip each.

What are 3 job duties for a landscaper? ›

Plants new flowers, trees, grass, hedges, and bushes. Maintains gardens and lawns, including mowing, trimming, pruning, raking, and weeding. Waters plants and lawns and adds fertilizer as needed. Installs outdoor lighting and sprinkler systems.

What is considered hard landscaping? ›

Hard landscaping most commonly refers to elements such as paths, driveways, drainage systems, electrics, fencing, decking, patios, steps and walls. These elements then provide the base for soft landscaping elements such as grass, plants, and vegetation.

Are landscapers worth it? ›

The Cost is Worth It

The majority of professional landscaping companies have many years of experience. With experience comes a higher quality of work. When you hire a professional landscaping company like POPS Landscaping you can rest assured that the cost is definitely worth it.

Should I tell landscaper my budget? ›

Don't Be Afraid to Discuss Your Budget with Your Landscape Contractor. Discussing a realistic budget is usually the most awkward part of a meeting with a landscape contractor. Mostly because of not knowing what landscaping costs are and the hidden hear that a $ figure could possibly inflate a quote.

What should a landscaping estimate include? ›

Consider the following landscaping factors:
  • Client's desired landscaping style or design (Japanese etc.)
  • Features required, like a stone pathway.
  • Types of plants and materials required.
  • Location (is it remote?)
  • Quality of soil.
  • Need to remove or add soil.
  • Sod vs. seeding.
  • Need to grade or reslope the land.

How do I find a good landscape gardener? ›

Choosing the right landscape gardener
  1. Arm yourself with some basic knowledge before meeting tradespeople.
  2. Write a clear brief.
  3. Choose someone with lots of specific experience.
  4. Get a detailed quote from each tradesperson you're considering.
  5. Ask about professional membership.

What are the top 5 questions and answers to ask an interviewer? ›

Smart questions to ask about the interviewer
  • How long have you been with the company?
  • Has your role changed since you've been here?
  • What did you do before this?
  • Why did you come to this company?
  • What's your favorite part about working here?
  • What's one challenge you occasionally or regularly face in your job?

Does nice landscaping increase home value? ›

Landscaping not only increases curb appeal, but can give real estate properties a 15 percent increase in value, says a Virginia Tech study. The study discovered that the perceived value of a home is affected by plant size, type, and design in landscaping.

How much should I spend on my backyard? ›

A general rule of thumb is to spend 10% of your home's value on landscaping. So, if you have a $400,000 house then a landscaping budget of $40,000 is appropriate.

Should I pay a landscaper upfront? ›

There are many reasons for this type of practice and both sides carry some of the repercussions. If you expect them to be purchasing trees, shrubs, or plants for your property, yes, you should pay them enough up front to purchase them, transport them and to put them in the ground.

What is an acceptable time to do yard work? ›

Knowing Your Neighbors Helps

In general, mow after 8 a.m. on weekdays and after 9 a.m. on weekends to avoid annoying your neighbors, a Knight Ridder/Chicago Tribune article recommends from results of a water-cooler survey. Mowing while neighbors prepare for bed at night can be frustrating for them.

How can I fix my yard on a budget? ›

10 Tips To Help You Renovate Your Yard on a Budget
  1. Expand an Existing Patio.
  2. Upgrade Your BBQ.
  3. Create a Patio with Decomposed Granite.
  4. Use Plants to Create Focal Points.
  5. Use Plants for Privacy.
  6. Overseed Your Patchy Grass.
  7. Spend Time on Lawn Care.
  8. Repurpose Old Wood.
Jun 23, 2021

How often should you mow your lawn? ›

If there is a lot of rain or if you fertilize heavily, you'll want to mow every 4 days to keep your grass from getting too long. However, when the weather is hot and generally dry, you'll be safe to mow either every 5 or 6 days.

What time of year is best for landscaping? ›

The best time to begin landscaping and planting trees, shrubs, and perennials is in the months of April and May. These spring months will give your plants the opportunity to grow and acclimate during the summer and fall. However, the next best time to begin landscaping is the fall.

What is the most important thing in landscaping? ›

Sunlight is an incredibly important feature in any landscape. The amount and quality of the light, including when and how much, affects what kind of plants are a fit for your yard. Some plants need full sun, which means six hours of direct sunlight or more per day, while other plants need partial sun.

What is the first thing to do when landscaping? ›

Start by planting trees or shrubs.

Begin from the house and work outward. Remember to plan for the mature size of the trees and shrubs to avoid having to move them later, when they outgrow their space! Deciduous shrubs planted in front of evergreens will change the look seasonally.

How much should I tip my lawn guy for Christmas? ›


$20 to $50. If they come frequently, give up to a week's pay. The poll found that 36 percent tip their landscaper, with average tip amount being $30.

How much do you tip a lawn mower? ›

For recurring lawn care service, such as mowing, the average end-of-season tip ranges from $29-$65, or about the cost of one week of service. This will depend on where you live and what kind of maintenance you get. For one-time lawn care jobs, the average is closer to $7, depending on the scope of the job.

What is a professional Landscaper called? ›

As stated above, most individuals that represent themselves as a Horticulturist, Arborist, Turf Grass Specialist or Landscape Architect should have a degree or advanced degree in Horticulture, Botany, Biology, Forestry, Arboriculture, Turf Grass Management, or Landscape Architecture.

What skills does a Landscaper need? ›

Here are six skills you need in order to work as a landscaper:
  • Lawn maintenance. Many times, people first seek out a landscaper to help keep up with their lawn. ...
  • Soil and irrigation management. ...
  • Tree and bush work. ...
  • Attention to detail. ...
  • Pest control. ...
  • Hardscaping. ...
  • Take an online course. ...
  • Share your goals and find a mentor.
Jan 13, 2021

What is a landscaping employee called? ›

Landscape technicians

Also known as grounds maintenance workers, they are professionals in maintaining clean and attractive landscapes. By applying knowledge about plants and aesthetics, they design walkways, sitting sections, gardens, bridges and other outdoor aspects.

What are the 3 main areas called in a landscape? ›

There are three primary line types that create form in the landscape: bedlines, hardscape lines, and plant lines. Bedlines are created where the edge of the plant bed meets another surface material, such as turf, groundcover, gravel, or patio pavers.

What are the 3 basic types of landscapes? ›

There are different types of landscape:
  • Mountain landscapes. We can see mountains, with narrow rivers, forests, villages and steep roads.
  • Flat landscapes. We can see flat land, wide rivers, farms, cities and motorways.
  • Coastal landscapes. We can see cliffs, the sea and tourist towns.

What are the 6 main types of landscapes? ›

coastal landscapes • riverine landscapes • arid landscapes • mountain landscapes • karst landscapes. levee, and a flood plain or terrace.

Why you should hire a landscape designer? ›

7 Reasons to Tap the Expertise of a Professional Landscape Designer
  • Idea Generation. Landscape designers have loads of ideas. ...
  • Site Analysis. Every parcel of land is unique as well as being part of a larger ecosystem. ...
  • Conceptual Design. ...
  • Construction Planning. ...
  • Budget Creation. ...
  • Contractor Liaison. ...
  • Project Management.

What's the difference between landscape and landscaping? ›

Paul Getty Museum. The modern English word "landscape" borrows from the Dutch and refers to a visual image of outdoor spaces. Landscaping, therefore, is about visualizing a picture for a space and then creating that space.

How much does hardscaping add to home value? ›

How Much Value Does Hardscaping Add? Generally, you can expect to get 20% to 30% of your investment back when you choose the right hardscaping project.

What should a landscaping quote look like? ›

Landscape quotes include the services your company will provide, your client's information, how much each service will cost, additional service notes, and important terms and conditions. Quotes must be approved by the client.

What percentage of the property value should be spent on landscaping? ›

Landscaping tips

The ASLA recommends keeping your spending on outdoor and landscaping improvements in the range of 10 percent to 20 percent of your home's current value.

What is a realistic budget for landscaping? ›

Landscaping costs $4 to $12 per square foot, on average, for basic and intermediate services. A full makeover including landscaping design and remodeling can cost up to $40 per square foot. Basic and intermediate services may include planting grass or flowers, lawn care and thatching.

How much do most landscapers charge? ›

Landscape labor costs range from $50 to $100 per hour. If you plan to work with a landscape designer or architect, your labor cost may approach $200 per hour. Landscaping pricing per square foot can range between $4 and $12.

How much do I pay a gardener per hour? ›

How Much Does a Landscape Gardener Cost in 2022? Most landscaping specialists quote on a per-project basis after viewing. The ones working hourly on average charge £25-£50 an hour per person with an average daily rate of £200-£400.

What should I pay a gardener? ›

Affordable Gardening & Landscape Maintenance Prices on Our Services in London. *Minimum is £69 for the 1st hour and 53 for every subsequent hour. You pay for the actual time spent on site.

How do you stand out in an interview? ›

5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Next Job Interview
  1. 1) Avoid talking about what you're not.
  2. 2) Tell a story about yourself.
  3. 3) Allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  4. 4) Don't hide who you are.
  5. 5) Pose thoughtful questions to your hiring manager.
Jul 1, 2022

What are the 5 hardest interview questions? ›

The most difficult interview questions (and answers)
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What's something that you didn't like about your last job?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • How do you deal with conflict with a co-worker?
  • Here's an answer for you.

What do you say at the end of an interview? ›

5 INTERVIEW CLOSING STATEMENTS! (What to Say at the End of a Job Interview!)
  • “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for the role. ...
  • “I just want to say thank you for inviting me to the interview today. ...
  • “Thank you for taking the time to interview me for this position.
Mar 22, 2022

How much do local landscapers charge? ›

Landscape labor costs range from $50 to $100 per hour. If you plan to work with a landscape designer or architect, your labor cost may approach $200 per hour. Landscaping pricing per square foot can range between $4 and $12.

How much do landscapers charge a day? ›

How Much Does a Landscape Gardener Cost in 2022? Most landscaping specialists quote on a per-project basis after viewing. The ones working hourly on average charge £25-£50 an hour per person with an average daily rate of £200-£400.

How much should I spend on landscaping my yard? ›

A general rule of thumb is to spend 10% of your home's value on landscaping. So, if you have a $400,000 house then a landscaping budget of $40,000 is appropriate.

How do landscaping customers charge? ›

A general guideline for pricing landscape jobs is to aim for a margin of 15 to 20% for residential jobs and 10 to 15% for commercial jobs. In order to achieve those kinds of margins, you need to markup your total cost by a percentage greater than your gross margin.

Do landscapers expect tips? ›

Lawn care workers and landscapers

It's impractical and unnecessary to tip the guys who mow your lawn every week, though it's nice to put a pitcher of cold water out for the workers. If the same crew arrives every Thursday, at the end of the season you can show your appreciation with $20 to $50 cash tip each.

How much do gardeners get paid per hour? ›

Average £12.74 per hour.

What is the cheapest type of landscaping? ›

Utilizing crushed stones or garden rocks is one of the easiest cheap backyard landscaping ideas you can find. Instead of having to pay a hefty price for lawn turfs such as grass or other plants, you can easily fill a lot of space by using the type of crushed stone pictured or even garden rocks, gravel, etc.

How much is lawn care per month? ›

Average Cost of Lawn Care per Month

The average lawn care cost per month is $100, but it can range from $65 to $150 each month. Some lawn care costs are as low as $40 monthly. However, it can go as high as $900 a month.

What is the most profitable landscaping service? ›

“The general rule of thumb with this strategy is to strive to break even on maintenance and then make the most profit from enhancements, irrigation, and lawn care. Traditionally, mowing and mulching are the two least profitable landscaping services—and at the bottom line may actually be unprofitable.”

Is the most common kind of service that landscapers offer? ›

Landscape Maintenance

To help keep lawns looking manicured, landscapers offer maintenance services such as lawn mowing, tree and brush trimming, weed-whacking, leaf blowing, and much more. Without this maintenance, all of the original work done on a lawn would be lost.


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