Best Paint for Exterior Walls in India 2022 - Achieve A Perfect Finish (2023)

Your surroundings have a direct effect on your emotions and day-to-day mood. As a result, it is customary to devote more time and attention to our interior designs. The outside of our homes is meant to represent us and our personalities. Still, we often forget that the outside of our residences offers the first impression to visitors about our homes and the individuals living in them. However, deciding on the best paint for exterior walls in the Indian environment is not a simple task since several elements must be considered.

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Our Indian environment places many demands on the exterior home paint we employ. The siding on our house is not only meant to give it a new appearance, but it is also expected to survive cold winters, sweltering summers, pouring rains, and a daily barrage of ultraviolet radiation without cracking or peeling. It is also likely to last for decades.
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Such miracles are not achieved without considerable price and effort. High-quality exterior paint and a clean, smooth surface are required for the most significant results. The paint also has to be packed with high-quality resins, pigments, and additives for the new finish to adhere. Make this investment in materials and labour to ensure that you achieve the best finishing result.

This article in detail discusses the top ten best paints for outer walls in India. The options available in the market today are suitable for all outside areas of your home, including fences, doors and windows (including storm doors), exterior walls, and more. But first, let’s take a closer look at what exterior paints are and how they work.

What is Exterior Paint?

Paint used on the outside or outer side of a home, business, building, or any other structure is exterior paint. These paints are specially formulated to resist fading and mildew. The essential constituents of most exterior paints are the same, regardless of their precise proportions. These fundamental components are as follows:

  • Solvents: Liquids that evaporate quickly maintain the suspension of binders and pigments.
  • Pigments: Paint’s colour and opacity are derived from the pigments, a mixture of ground minerals and synthetic dyes.
  • Additives: Among other things, additives regulate the drying time, levelling, and mildew.
  • Binders: After the solvents have evaporated, these resins combine to produce the paint film visible on the surface of the paint.

Keep in mind that since outdoor paint produces more volatile organic compounds than interior paint, it is dangerous to use it indoors. In addition, it needs exposure to daylight to cure.
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Importance of Exterior Paint

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Painting the outside of your house may be an unpleasant and time-consuming process. But, on the other hand, if you’re a homeowner debating whether or not it’s worthwhile to paint your outside walls, we have good news for you. Beauty isn’t the only fulfilment of exterior paints. Therefore, if you’re considering painting your outside walls, continue reading for the top nine reasons to do so:

1. Deters The Accumulation of Dust and Debris

If your external walls are appropriately kept, it will keep dust and filth away. For elderly houses or in an area with continual building activities, it is sensible to invest in protective dust paint.

2. Protects External Surfaces

Painting your external walls with top-quality exterior paints can assist in protecting the property from weather conditions- whether it is rain, dust or harsh sun rays. This will extend the longevity of your primary structure and guarantee your house walls not only look fantastic but are protected.

3. It Protects the Inside Surfaces of the House

Your interior walls may also benefit from a fresh paint job on the outer walls. It will be easier to keep your interior paint looking new for longer if your external walls can endure the elements, including the sun’s rays and heavy rain.

4. Enhances The Aesthetic Attractiveness

Adding a new coat of paint to your house can make it seem more inviting and cheerier to guests. Make sure you select a shade that best compliments your home’s general colour scheme and complements the nearby properties to ensure your new colour does not clash too much.
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5. It Helps You Get a Better Price on Your House

When your home’s exterior is in tip-top shape, it may have a significant influence on its worth. So, if you are going to place your house on the market, painting your outside walls is a terrific approach to boost your property’s worth. It may also raise the desirability of your home to prospective purchasers tenfold.

6. Improves The Quality of the Air Within the Home

Painting your house walls with paints low in VOCs may even help you enhance the general quality of air inside, which can help foster a pleasant living environment for you and your family.

7. You Save Money on Future Maintenance

While painting the exteriors of your house may seem to be an additional expense that you would rather avoid, it may save you money on future repairs. In addition, if you hire a professional to paint your house, they will address any small or significant flaws, including waterproofing and weatherproofing, ensuring that future wall issues are prevented.

8. Repairs Damage

You may discover significant problems with the walls of your house when you repaint the exteriors. Repainting your property may disclose defects like mould, mildew, and stains, which many homeowners are shocked to discover. But if identified, these problems are easily fixed by professionals. Repainting is necessary after the issues are resolved to keep the damage from happening again. Before repainting your external walls, get advice from waterproofing professionals.
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9. Prevents The Formation of Wall Marks and Stains

A fresh coat of paint on your external walls can not only fix issues but will also cover up any blemishes or stains that have accumulated on your walls over time. In addition, having dust on your outside walls is frequent in cities and locations that see a lot of building activity. This may be prevented by using anti-dust exterior paints, which have a dust guard technology that prevents dust from adhering to your home’s walls.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing an Exterior Paint

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As previously stated, the outside of your house is significantly exposed to adverse weather conditions such as scorching sunlight and rain. In addition, the life cycle of outdoor paint is often shortened due to UV light exposure and other environmental influences. As a result, choosing and applying the proper exterior wall paint is critical.

A few variables to consider while selecting exterior wall paint are listed below.

1. Paint Colour for Your Outside Walls

How darkis the colour you’ve chosen? How much of it will be exposed to the elements? These are some questions to consider while choosing a paint colour. When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for the outside of your home, one fundamental rule should be followed. Dark colours may be your preference, but it is a horrible choice to use them to paint your external walls. Dark colours absorb heat and show dust quickly. Thus, choosing black for the outer wall is a terrible decision. Check to see whether the paint is manufactured with resins and coloured with the proper colourants to guarantee that the colours stay brilliant for years to come.

2. Paint Coating for Your External Walls

The best paints for outside walls often have a high resin content, which provides exceptional elasticity flexibility and good adherence. Polite, Alkyd, Polyester, and Acrylic are some reasons for different coating systems. Exterior wall coatings are cosmetic treatments designed for masonry surfaces outside a building. Outside wall coatings assist in creating an appealing finish to the exterior of a structure while also allowing for longer life spans, making them often highly hard-wearing and durable. Acrylic paint is a good option since it is UV resistant. However, paint deteriorates when exposed to wind, rain, humidity, and sunshine over an extended period. Choose paint that is resistant to the predominant weather condition. For example, use oil-based paints to defend against wind and rain if it rains for most of the year.

3. Low VOC Paint for Your External Walls

Pollution from paint chemicals occurs in three stages: when applied, while it dries, and during improper storage and disposal. VOC is one such source. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are carbon-containing molecules that evaporate or gasify quickly. They are sometimes found in paints, varnishes, and cleaning goods. If they fulfil the Green Seal guidelines, paints branded “low-VOC” should contain less than 50g of volatile chemicals per litre. Due to the lack of a standardised regulatory standard, the term “low-VOC” refers to various things depending on which authority certifies it; however, 50g is a typical threshold for exterior wall paints.

4. Exterior Wall Paint with Elongation Qualities

Internal tension has often been recognised as a significant cause of deterioration of the paint used for the exterior wall. The flexibility and tensile strength of various kinds of coatings vary greatly. As shown by epoxy, acrylic, and Poly siloxane coatings, high-strength films are less flexible. The polyurethanes were very malleable. As a result, elongation qualities become vital in the choice of exterior paint. The elongation of material establishes its flexibility and, as a result, its capacity to withstand deformation without breaking. Combining a high ultimate tensile strength with a high elongation results in materials with a high degree of toughness.

5. Advantages Of Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint

Because these regions are prone to water collection, outside surfaces should be provided with an extra layer of protection. One of the finest solutions is to use waterproof paint. Any water that does come into contact with your house will simply flow off, limiting water penetration and reducing filth and stains on the walls. The paint used must be waterproof, have high strength, be flexible, and be resistant to weather conditions. Paint must be vapour-permeable to enable structural elements to breathe and very elastic to guarantee crack-bridging. It should also have a firm connection to the substrate and excellent coverage.

Furthermore, the best exterior waterproof paints in India are very resistant to washing. Hydrophobic paints and coatings are entirely water-resistant and are an excellent option. In addition, this paint protects your home outside cladding from direct water entry.

6. Washability Requirements for External Wall Paint

When choosing a paint finish, washability is also an essential factor to consider. Paints should withstand repeated clean-ups without sacrificing colour richness or gloss. Washable paints are pretty popular since they are simple to maintain and are commonly used. In addition, it has excellent outside resilience, even in areas subjected to extreme circumstances, such as maritime and industrial applications, or in regions marked by significant temperature swings. Acrylic resin is one of the most popular material choices for this product. It provides resistance to washing and the alkaline environment that is generally characteristic of plastering and cement-based surfaces.

Which Paint is Best for Outside Wall in India?

Best Paint for Exterior Walls in India 2022 - Achieve A Perfect Finish (20)

If you are still not sure which exterior paint to go for, here we have curated the top 10 exterior paints for Indian house walls:

1. Berger Walmasta Antifungal Exterior Wall Paint

When opposed to oil-based paint, the Berger Walmasta paint dries faster since it is water-based. Being water-based, Walmasta is a less costly option for cement paint while making your walls seem more likeable. Walmasta is an antifungal emulsion that inhibits the production of fungus or algae to give better-looking walls for many years.

In addition to providing quick resolutions to client problems, Berger is well-known for its professional advice, which helps guarantee that you obtain the precise results you want. The price of this product is Rs. 133/- and below are its pros and cons.


  • A good choice for places where there is little rain.
  • The paint creates a matte surface and avoids the breaking of walls.
  • Stain-resistance
  • The consumer was treated well.


  • The paint can’t be removed very easily with soap and water.
  • Why should you purchase this product?
  • This is an excellent option because of the matte appearance, ease of drying, and stain and fracture resistance.

2. Apex Ultima Weather Proof Exterior Paint

Apex Ultima Weather Proof Exterior Paint is based on binder technology which gives strengthened colours that remain on your walls for a longer time. As a result, the paint has a long shelf life and helps shield your house from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Available in three various sizes and several colour hues, it guarantees that it suits your needs. The price of this paint is Rs. 4,000/-.


  • One of the most readily washable paints available on the market today.
  • Seven-year warranty
  • The development of algae-like things on your walls is prevented by this method.
  • Prevents the accumulation of dust on the walls.


  • To get the most out of this product, be sure to use the external primer accessory.
  • Why should you purchase this product?
  • The binder technology, anti-algal properties, and colour-reinforcement process make this an excellent investment.

3. Berger Weather Coat Anti Dust Paint

The anti-dust technology in this paint keeps your walls looking brand new even when pollution levels rise, and it also prevents dust from adhering to your walls.

Berger weather coat paint provides comprehensive protection against various harmful elements, including rain, heat, and dust thus making it the best waterproof paint for outside walls, because it has fewer synthetic ingredients, the paint has a low concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The price for this exterior paint is Rs. 240/- per litre.


  • The paint is sturdy.
  • Low VOC chemical compounds
  • The paint is of high quality.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • The paint is somewhat more costly than its rivals.
  • Why should you purchase this product?
  • If you wish to offer a fresh finish to your outside walls for many years, this is the solution for you.

4 Paint Emulsion Nerolac

Nerolac Emulsion Paint can bridge cracks, which serves to enhance the life of the paint. The paint is long-lasting and stays firm even in adverse circumstances like summer heat or heavy rains, making it excellent for external walls. You obtain new appearing walls despite the challenging weather conditions of India. This fantastic exterior paint price is Rs. 4,200/- per bucket.


  • Provides a flawless sheen to your walls
  • Eco friendly
  • It can be applied using a brush or a spray machine.


  • Does not prevent the collecting of dust on the walls.
  • Why should you purchase this product?
  • The smooth quality, along with the durability, makes this a superb option for outdoor walls.

5 Dr Fix It Raincoat

The acrylic elastomeric coating on the Dr Fix It Raincoat provides a thick covering to the walls. The waterproof coating makes it the best paint for outside walls even in high rainfall regions. The ten-year warranty assures that your painted walls remain sturdy. Dr Fixit paint is priced at Rs. 3,060/-.


  • Waterproof paint.
  • Ten-year warranty.
  • Especially beneficial in locations with a lot of rain.
  • It prevents cracking or scorching of the wall.


  • The paint will not affect the way dirt settles on the walls.
  • The paint is not ecologically friendly.

Why should you purchase this product?

It’s a wise investment to choose paint that’s waterproof and long-lasting to protect your walls.

6 Ace by Asian Paints

Asian Paint Ace Wall Paint offers protection against all sorts of weather conditions by avoiding cracking and peeling. To protect your walls from inclement weather, Ace wall paint is coated with a water-resistant finish. One of the best waterproof paints for exterior walls, this paint comes with a three-year guarantee. Now you can get this paint at Rs. 398/-.


  • A guarantee of three years is provided.
  • You receive 1800 colour possibilities for an optimal colour match.
  • You do not need to wait for the paint to dry completely before washing the walls.


  • The painted walls’ endurance and durability might be drastically reduced if the directions are not strictly followed.

Why should you purchase this product?

The device is waterproof, inexpensive, and offers protection against all-weather situations.

7 Asian Paints Apex Weatherproof Paint

Asian Paints Apex Weather Proof Paint is impervious to all kinds of weather. Black stains on walls may be prevented by using Apex emulsion, which is resistant to algae and fungal development. The water-based solvent takes just 30 minutes to dry, making your task simpler. The price of this product is Rs. 1,220/-.

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  • Protects against the development of algae in humid environments.
  • Available in 1700 colours.
  • It’s more robust and lasts longer, thanks to the silicon ingredients.
  • Defends against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.


  • You can’t use it to paint your floor.
  • No guarantee can be given that the indicated quantity will be delivered.

Why should you purchase this product?

Fast-drying water-based paint helps shield your home from harmful UV rays and adverse weather conditions.

8. Dulux Weather Shield Max

Dulux weather shields max is also a fantastic product that you can use to paint your exterior walls. It is a high-performance exterior paint that protects your walls from cracks, fungus, bacteria, etc. It is powered by an active-guard technology that protects your house constantly. The price of this product is Rs. 304/- per litre.


  • First and dust resistance
  • Anti-colour fading
  • Protection from fungus from growing in the walls
  • 2X Complete protection


  • Floors cannot be painted with it.
  • Certain toxins are mixed in the product.
  • Skin contact can lead to irritation.

Why Should you Purchase this Product?

A high-powered paint colour that stays put for a long time and thus your house exteriors will need less frequent repainting.

9. Indigo Exterior Emulsion Paint

The Indigo exterior paint protects your house from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The paint is anti-algal and antifungal. The exterior paint provides beautiful features to your home, making it a sight to watch. The price of this product is Rs. 560/-.


  • Protects your home from UV radiation
  • It is an antifungal paint.
  • Protect your home from environmental factors.


  • Contains toxic elements
  • Inhalation might be challenging while painting
  • It might lead to skin irritation

Why Choose this Product?

It is an excellent emulsion paint that is tough by nature and can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you are looking for a durable painting solution, this is the way to go.

10. Nippon Exterior Paint

This is one of the best exterior paints. This paint comes in excellent packing, and the quality is superior. The paint is durable and not costly as well. This paint fits everyone’s budget and provides your walls with shine and protection. The price of this paint is Rs. 1,540/- per bucket.


  • Lasts for 18 months.
  • It is durable.
  • Provides your walls with a protective layer.


  • It contains an odour that can make inhalation difficult.
  • Contains lead/ mercury
  • Negatively affects the health and environment.

Why Choose this Product?

Nippon paints are of superior quality that provides everlasting shine and protection to your exterior walls. Plus, they are pretty affordable too.

So, the best paint for exterior walls is given above. You can try any of the above-mentioned paints to get your wall protected from harsh weather. Experienced painters at NoBroker will get the task done in a short period. They save you the time and hassle of deciding on paint colours and finishes. They also know how to blend them for a lasting finish. Buying pricey, high-quality paint does not ensure that you will apply it effectively and get the same results as a professional painter. So, next time you are picking paint for your outside walls, keep the above-stated elements in mind, connect with a professional and choose carefully.


Q.1 Which paint is best for outer walls?

Ans. All the exterior paints mentioned above are the best paints for outdoor walls. They add a protective layer to your exterior walls and prevent viruses and fungus from entering them. They also beautify the overall look of the house. Some of our recommendations would be the Dulux Weathershield Max, Berger Weathercoat Anti-Dust Paint and the Indigo exterior Emulsion paint.

Q. 2 Are these paints long-lasting?

Ans. Yes, all these exterior paints are long-lasting. In addition, they all provide a satin finish to your walls while protecting them from external elements.

Q.3 How to choose the best paint for walls outside?

Ans. The best exterior paint is the one that is not hazardous for the environment as well as for your health. You can refer to the section above wherein we have elaborately discussed the factors to consider before buying exterior paint.

Q. 4 Are low sheen paints suitable for exterior walls?

Ans. Yes, low sheen or medium gloss is the most appropriate for exterior walls. However, such paints suit harsh weather and other climatic conditions as well. Thus, opt for paints that have a low/ medium sheen.

Q.5 Do exterior paints need a primer?

Ans. It is always a good idea to prime your walls before colouring them. Thus, to make your walls protected and long-lasting, you must apply a primer beforehand.

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What type of exterior paint finish is best in India? ›

For a perfect exterior wall paint finish, satin and eggshell are the best choices as they have high durability and easier to clean. These finishes also enhance your exterior paint colour ideas.

What type of exterior paint finish is best? ›

Gloss paint and high-gloss paint are some of the best options for choosing the best exterior house paint. These clean easily and resist scuffs better, making them a good choice for areas in constant use, like doors, door jambs and window casings.

Which paint color is best for exterior walls in India? ›

Another timeless colour for exterior walls is light brown. It instantly gives a warm and welcoming vibe as your exterior wall colour combination. Brown goes best with large windows and open balconies.

Which paint is most durable in India? ›

The acrylic wall paint, Royale Luxury Emulsion, and smooth matt are the best for interior walls. Dulux, Asian, and Berger are the best brands for interior walls in India.

What paint gives the smoothest finish? ›

Semi-gloss and gloss paints reflect light, giving them a bright, shiny finish. While semi-gloss and gloss paints require more prep work and sanding than their matter counterparts to ensure a smooth application, paints with a glossy finish can be scrubbed once dry and are easy to clean.

What paint gives the hardest finish? ›

Enamel paint is one of the strongest and most sought-after types of paint, but not many people know why they want it. It is made with enamel that leaves a glossy shimmer on surfaces.

What is a Level 4 paint finish? ›

Levels of Finish

Level 4: is generally accepted as the level of finish used when non-critical lighting falls on satin/flat/low-sheen paints or wallpaper. Level 5: should be used when gloss, semi-gloss or dark-tone paints are specified or where critical lighting conditions occur on satin/flat/matt or low-sheen paints.

Which is the best waterproof paint? ›

Majic Waterproof Satin Paint
  • 1 INSL-X Waterproof Acrylic Pool Paint – Best Overall.
  • 2 KILZ Waterproof Fence and Barn Paint – Great Value.
  • 3 Duralux Marine Waterproof Paint – Easiest to Use.
  • 4 Rust-Oleum Topside Waterproof Paint – Quick Drying.
  • 5 Majic Waterproof Satin Paint.
20 Aug 2022

Which paint is best for whole house? ›

Moreover, emulsion paints are durable and washable so you can easily remove stains using a wet cloth or mild soap solution. It is also available in a variety of finishes like sheen, silk and matte and makes a great choice if you are planning to paint your home walls.

What paint is most durable? ›

Enamel paint is your best bet for the walls that are to be exposed to tough conditions. They are usually solvent-based paints and give a hard, glossy, and opaque finish.

Is gloss paint better for exterior? ›

Exterior Gloss Paint:

High gloss paint is also the best choice for surfaces that may require a lot of cleaning. Comparing to the semi-gloss paint, paint with high gloss finish provides a harder and shinier surface. This is really good for surfaces as long as they are smooth and have no imperfections.

What type of paint is most durable for walls? ›

High Gloss

The most durable and easiest to clean of all paint sheens, high-gloss paint is hard, ultra-shiny, and light-reflecting. Think appliance-paint tough.

Which primer is best for exterior wall? ›

Trucare Exterior Wall Primer is a water based primer that gives a tough film and as a result, helps to provide longer life of total paint system. It does not chalk and can easily be applied on cured fresh plaster. With this exterior primer you will get extra whiteness and excellent opacity on your walls.

What brand of paint do professional painters use? ›

By and large, most professional painters use either Sherwin-Willaims or Benjamin Moore paint products. In fact, 50% of painting contractors chose Benjamin Moore's Regal Select line as their favorite paint.

How many years should exterior paint last? ›

Most experts say that you'll need to paint every five to ten years, depending on factors such as where you live, climate and weather, and the previous paint job. Also, keep in mind that every surface will be a little different. For example: Wood siding - every 3-7 years, or every 4 years if it's stained.

Which is the No 1 paint company in India? ›

The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Asian paints with a turnover of 193.50 billion is no 1 paint company in India. Asian paints manufacture varieties of paints for decoration and Industrial use. Aian paint is the holding company of Berger International.

Which company paint is best in India? ›

List of Top Paint Company in India
  • Asian Paints Ltd. ...
  • Berger Paints India Ltd. ...
  • Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. ...
  • Akzo Nobel India Ltd. ...
  • Indigo Paints. ...
  • Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited. ...
  • Shalimar Paints Ltd. ...
  • Sirca Paints India Ltd.
26 Sept 2022

What paint gives a shiny finish? ›

High gloss paint is known for being super shiny and light reflecting, giving it an almost mirror-like look. Most designers would consider it a specialty finish, as it creates such a brilliant sheen.

How do you ensure a high quality paint finish? ›

Sand It!

Sanding is the secret to achieving a perfect paint finish. It doesn't matter if it's plaster or timber that you're painting. Any paint finish is only ever going to be as good as the preparation you've done beforehand.

How do you paint a perfect finish? ›

Do the trim first before painting the walls.
  1. Paint the trim first, then the ceilings and walls. ...
  2. To avoid lap marks ... ...
  3. Clear the entire room before painting. ...
  4. Avoid drips as you paint. ...
  5. Shine a light across the woodwork and circle flaws. ...
  6. Consider liquid sandpaper, especially on lead paint. ...
  7. Dust and vacuum thoroughly.
29 Nov 2017

What paint finish is washable? ›

Most homeowners use flat and matte paint for the bedroom than a kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, eggshell and satin finishes offer more glossiness and are easily washable. Satin paint is durable and cleanable enough for a child's room or kitchen. Semi-gloss paint is also very durable and more stain-resistant.

Which paint finish shows less imperfections? ›

The more reflective or glossy the paint sheen, the more noticeable those imperfections will be. Conversely, flat or matte finishes absorb light, helping to hide bumps and bruises. So, paint with a flat finish is the most effective paint for hiding wall imperfections.

Which paint finish is easiest to clean? ›

Eggshell Finish

"It is the easiest paint to wipe clean and is great for all areas of the home, including bathrooms and kitchens," she says. "I only use a gloss or semi-gloss paint on base, case, trim, and cabinetry."

What are the 3 coats of paint? ›

A 3-coat paint system consists of a primary coat, an intermediate coat, and a top coat of a color or finish typically specified by the end user.

What is a 3 stage paint? ›

Three stage paint jobs have the most depth and sometimes appear to change color as a car drives by. The most common three stage paint is pearl white. Intense "Candy Apple Red" and similar paint jobs are also 3-stage. They achieve effects that regular one- and two-stage paints can't.

What is high grade paint? ›

High-quality paints offer more pigmentation than low-quality paints. The better the pigments, the smaller and purer they are. This is important as good pigmentation offers more coverage, color and depth to your paint job.

What is the strongest outdoor paint? ›

The Best Exterior Paint for Your Outdoor Painting Project
  • Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Latex. ...
  • Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex. ...
  • Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer. ...
  • Behr Ultra Paint and Primer. ...
  • Glidden Premium Winter Walk White Satin Latex Exterior Paint. ...
  • Ecos Exterior Vinyl Siding Paint.
6 Sept 2022

What paint is rain proof? ›

For the majority of home exterior paint jobs, water-based paints are the best choice because they don't trap moisture beneath them and are less likely to crack and peel than oil-based paints when exposed to moisture. Exterior paint that withstands heavy rain includes latex paint with an acrylic binder.

Which is the best damp proof paint for exterior walls? ›

Walltron's Hydroshield Dampproof is the most preferred waterproof solution for exterior walls. It is a fibre reinforced elastomeric coating. To simplify, it is a base coat that forms a thick elastic film on the walls covering pores and cracks to prohibit water from penetrating.

What is the exterior color for 2022? ›

One of the most popular exterior colors for 2022 is Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. Alabaster (SW 7008) is both timeless and on-trend this year as warmer, off-whites are in for exteriors. No question, this is a rare combination for any modern exterior or interior paint color.

What is the paint trend for 2022? ›

Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year is making history with its best reveal yet: an entirely new hue created, for the first time ever, to serve as Color of the Year. They call it Very Peri (17-3938).

What color paint is popular in 2022? ›

Each year paint firms offer up their top pick for the color of the year that will freshen up interiors and exteriors. The overwhelming favorite hue for 2022: Green—all shades of it. Besides the greens, some paint firms chose bold color pops to add more memorable marks on an interior.

What color is good for entire house? ›

By far the safest colors to choose for a whole house are neutral paint colors or shades of white. Both neutrals and whites come with their own set of challenges, of course. Figuring out the dominant undertone is always the main concern. For this reason, I like to stick with warmer neutrals and warmer whites.

What are the three types of house paint? ›

There are multiple different types of paints that can be used in a home, but the most common ones are oil, emulsion and enamel.

Which paint quality is best in India? ›

The top 10 paint brands in India are Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Jotun Paints, Kansai Nerolac Paints, Nippon Paints, Shalimar Paints, AkzoNobel Paints, Jenson and Nicholson Paints, and British Paints.

Which is the best damp proof paint in India? ›

Walltron's Hydroshield Dampproof is the most preferred waterproof solution for exterior walls. It is a fibre reinforced elastomeric coating. To simplify, it is a base coat that forms a thick elastic film on the walls covering pores and cracks to prohibit water from penetrating.

Which paint is best for home in India? ›

List of Top 8 Best Paint Brands in India
  • Asian Paint Limited – Lead Paint brand in India. ...
  • Dulux Paints Limited – Best Paint Brand in India. ...
  • Berger Easy Clean – Best paint brand. ...
  • Nerolac Paints Ltd. ...
  • Indigo Paints. ...
  • British Paints India Limited. ...
  • Nippon Paint Holding Co. ...
  • Shalimar Paints Limited.
27 Jul 2022

Which paint finish is best? ›

Flat, eggshell and satin paint are best for interior walls, whereas semi-gloss and gloss paint are best for trim and woodwork.

Which is Asia's No 1 paint? ›

Headquartered at Osaka, Nippon Paint is ranked Asia's No. 1 paint company, and growing in popularity in the rest of the world. It is the only paint solutions provider for all kinds of surfaces (Auto, Marine, Protective, Decorative and Industrial Paints).

Who has the highest quality paint? ›

1. Sherwin-Williams: Best Overall. If price isn't an issue and you want trusted, premium paint, Sherwin-Williams is the best brand of paint. Many believe it is the best interior paint brand on the market today.

What paint is most waterproof? ›

Acrylic paints form the best kind of waterproof membrane for exterior finishing. They are known to resist all sorts of water and moisture damage and will last the longest.

Which waterproof paint is best? ›

Best paint brand in india for external wall and for waterproofing paint consist of Asian Paint like Apex Ultima, asian paint apex and Apex Ultima protek and dulux weathersheild max, Nerolac Exel mica marble,Berger weathercoat long life, and Nippon Shogun are some of best paint brand in india used for external wall ...

What is the most durable wall paint? ›

Oil-based paints are more durable than water-based (a.k.a. latex or acrylic) paints. Oil-based paints are best for high-traffic areas or exteriors. Manufacturers offer only a few oil-based paints for interior use these days because they typically emit unpleasant, potentially unhealthy fumes.

Which wall paint company is best in India? ›

Here is the list of top Paint companies in India which is sorted out based on the total Sales.
  • Asian Paints Ltd. ...
  • Berger Paints India Ltd. ...
  • Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. ...
  • Akzo Nobel India Ltd. ...
  • Indigo Paints. ...
  • Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited. ...
  • Shalimar Paints Ltd. ...
  • Sirca Paints India Ltd.
26 Sept 2022


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